Young Thugs "Bloods" Are Out Looking For The Game!


“My ni*ga Tune [Wayne] ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just Hollygrove,” Game stated, referencing the New Orleans projects Weezy grew up in. “Anybody fu*kin’ with Tune got a problem with me. I will fu*k Young Thug up.” Says rapper the Game who is known to be heavily gang affiliated. Moments later Young Thug released an Instagram video responding to the Cali rapper’s taunts.

“See you used to be a Crip, now you’re a Blood. So I don’t want no smoke with you—you’ve got Bloods and Crips on your team,” Young Thug says in the clip. “And you was a male stripper once before. So I don’t want to fight you—I don’t want no germs from you, pussy nigga. And you know I’m in L.A. more than Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s the governor, fuck nigga.”

An associate of Thug’s then brandishes a weapon from the backseat. The beef that seem to be escalating quickly took a quick turn around with Young Thug later apologizing to The Game. But former members of the Blood community said they aren’t holding back and have been seen roaming the streets and beach looking for The Game. One Blood member who’s nickname is Roman Candle says “I fu*ks with Youngin (Young Thug) to the max not only did he disrespected Youngin but he disrespected us the GBM” the acronym for “Gay Blood Members”. Before walking away all the members of the gang were heard screaming GBM!

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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