Young Thug Held On Million Dollar Bail For Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting


Rapper Young Thug has been arrested by Atlanta police for his apparent involvement in the shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus last month. Jimmy Carlton Windrey, the man who has been arrested for carrying out the shooting, was allegedly working under Young Thug’s orders. Young Thug Is being held at $5 Million dollar bail.

According to reports, police in Atlanta found a suspect in an incident last month that involved Lil Wayne‘s tour bus being shot at outside of Atlanta’s Compound Nightclub as Wayne and his team were making their exit.

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, the gunman, was arrested first by police earlier today, and has since revealed to police his affiliation with Young Thug, who was then arrested by police himself. “I was just doing what I was told” said Winfrey, “My boss [Young Thug] told me to take them suckers out and I tried”. Jimmy Carlton Winfrey has not been placed on bail and is currently awaiting trial.

Experts say they believe this Lil Wayne/Young Thug rivalry will become the new Notorious BIG/Tupac rivalry, based on the serious problems that have risen in just a short span of about a year. We can only wait and see.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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