Young Thug Denied Entrance To Grammy Awards (Read Why Here)


young-thug-gayLOS ANGELES – it is being reported that rapper Young Thug was denied entrance to the annual 57th Grammy Awards upon arriving at the staples center.

As the Grammy awards commenced a few hours ago, Stars began arriving to the staples center with all the women looking pretty and the men looking handsome, but apparently one did not. Young Thug, who rose to fame last year with his hit song “Stoner” and his feature on “Lifestyle” by Rich Gang. Witnesses say Young Thug was denied entrance to the show because he was reportedly not recognized by security guards, as he was wearing a dress and the guards could not understand what He was saying. “We didn’t think he would be denied” says photographer Ann Mels, “He was wearing a pink dress and talking just like how he was rapping in that lifestyle song, nobody could understand what he was saying, so the security guards escorted him away from the rest of the stars, and we haven’t seen him since” finished Mels.

We really do not know why Young Thug arrived to the Grammys dressed in a dress, neither why he actually speaks the way he does in his music, but we know it has to stop now. With more information on Young Thug soon to come, subscribe to for future news.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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