Young MA Arrested After Fighting Man Who Told Her “I Can’t Believe You Have A P*ssy”

NEW YORK CITY – It is being reported that up and coming New York rapper Young M.A. has been arrested after she beat up a man because he allegedly told her “I can’t believe you have a p*ssy”.

Reported to have happened Wednesday afternoon, the “Ooouuu” rapper stopped on the street to take a picture with what appeared to be a fan. According to witnesses, after Young M.A. and the fan took the photo, the fan looked at Young M.A. “up and down” and said “I can’t believe you have a p*ssy”. Followed by “That sh*t probably smell like newports, before Young M.A. quickly attacked the man, knocking him unconscious. “I can’t believe how strong she is”, says Derrick Gains, a witness ” She faded my guy with the strength of 5 grown ass n*ggas, I’m deadass” finished Gains.

After knocking the man unconscious, police officers who were nearby quickly tackled Young M.A. and arrested her. According to witnesses. “I’ve heard of her” said NYPD officer Gary Toomes who arrested the rapper, “I heard her song and i always thought it was a man. I remember her saying she was getting deep throated in her song, i had no idea it was female, I don’t know how you can deepthroat a woman, she must have a great imagination or just retarded”, finished Toomes.

Young M.A. has since been released after paying her $10,000 bond.


Written by David Martinez


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