XXXTentacion Lands In Jail Again After Reportedly Jaywalking Busy Miami Street

MIAMI – It is being reported that 19 year old rapping sensation ‘XXXTentacion’ has been arrested again Friday afternoon for allegedly jaywalking down a busy Miami street.

The rapper was recently released from jail after serving five months for armed home invasion and aggravated battery. Less than a week later, he has been arrested again for Jaywalking—that’s right ladies and gentlemen, arrested for what most of us have done numerous times in the past.

According to the police officers who arrested the rapper, they were pulling out of a nearby café when they saw XXXTentacion crossing through the middle of Miami ave during a green light. “Isn’t that that kid with the shitty music”, one of the officers said he thought. The officers then approached the teenager in their cruiser, as X reportedly attempted to flee for a few seconds, but quickly stopped.

“To be honest with, i didn’t really care” says Officer Jason Walsh—one of the officers who arrested X. “We see people jaywalking all the time, everybody does it, it doesn’t even matter. But as soon as I recognized him as that kid with that porn name, we had to arrest him. Anything to stall him from making more music”, finished Officer Walsh.

XXXTentacion was then arrested and taken to the Federal Detention Center in downtown Miami.



Written by David Martinez