Xbox Is Celebrating LGBT+ Pride Month By Making All Accounts Transgender

Xbox is celebrating LGBT Pride Month with a lot of pride, in a recent report, Xbox revealed 80% of its gamers were either gay or transgender. To celebrate LGBT it has released a beautiful theme and a custom Xbox one console.

To make this celebration of LGBT one to remember it will make all account avatars transgender for the whole month of June. Xbox gamers have shown their excitement by taking selfies wearing their most stylish drag outfit next to their Xbox gaming system.

While Xbox is showing a lot of support, Sony PS4 has received a lot of backlash for not supporting the LGBT movement. A large portion of Xbox gamers who are transgender have taken this opportunity to brag about how much better Xbox is.

It seems as if the battle of what gaming counsel is the best will be far from over as this moves to more than just gaming but also what platform supports its gamers.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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