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WTF: Instagram Settles With Confused Face Meme Girl For $10 Million!!


Silicon Valley, CA– Last week we reported that 16 Year Old Kiesha Johnson’s family sued Instagram for $500 Million for defamation because her picture was being ridiculed on the social media app. Today, it seems Kiesha is laughing all the way to the bank. Instagram’s lawyers just announced that they have decided to settle with Ms. Johnson outside of court for $10 Million. That amount is far less than what was being sued for, however, the Johnson family is happy with the decision.

” If I knew I would be a millionaire today I would’ve took a picture like that a long time ago… tuh!” said 16 Yr Old Johnson, ” all my friends are going to be hating now. Ain’t nuthin gonna change. I’m still going to be a bad b*tch.. Just a rich bad b*tch now…. buh bye.”
Instagram stated that they will be updating their policies soon on Memes to avoid disputes like this in the future.
Read the fully story and more on the lawsuit at odgossip.com




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