World Gun Violence Has Been Reportedly Declining Since Apple’s Gun Emoji Change In 2016

WORLDWIDE – According to world health reports, worldwide gun violence has been steadily declining since Apple replaced the gun emoji with a water gun back in August 2016 for ios 10.

According to researchers, there was a steady increase in worldwide gun violence since the 1970s, peaking at 251,000,000 in 2015. However in 2016, with the change of Apples gun emoji to a water gun, worldwide gun violence has been on an unprecedented decline, with only 900 gun related crimes in 2017, and an all time low of only 5 gun related crimes so far in 2018. Gun violence has almost disappeared completely thanks to Apple.

“Thank God for apple”, says Tom Gill of the American Medical Association, “who would’ve known that the key to a better world was just an emoji change away”.

Researchers predict that 2019 will have only 1 gun related crime, with the offender praised rather than punished, for completing the achievement of being the only human on earth to commit a gun related crime that year.

Written by David Martinez


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