Woman Shoots Boyfriend For Catching Her Cheating; Says She Didn’t Give Him Permission To Catch Her

SAN FRANCISCO – Amy Johnson, 25, is being charged with attempted murder after she shot her boyfriend for allegedly catching her in the act of cheating, in which she later told authorities: “I didn’t give him permission to catch me cheating”.

Amy Johnson allegedly shot her boyfriend after he discovered her to be cheating, according to Amy’s boyfriend, who survived the gunshot wound, he walked into the bedroom to find Amy having sexual intercourse with another man, after which she took out a gun and shot her boyfriend in the leg while asking him: “I can’t cheat in my own life?”

“girls always cheating” says SFPD chief of police William Scott, “girls always cheating and then getting mad when you catch them, no surprise here, carry on”. Although sounding ridiculous to most male police officers on the scene, a few female officers defended Amy’s actions, with Officer Jen Ives saying: “He had no right to walk in on her cheating, he should’ve asked her if it was okay beforehand”.

Whether what Amy did was in self-defense for being caught cheating, Amy can face up to 10 years in prison for attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

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Written by David Martinez