Woman Kills Boyfriend After Catching Him Cheating With iPhone’s Facetime Call Glitch

SAN DIEGO – After iPhone’s new facetime glitch was brought to the light a few days ago by a twitter user, it is being reported that a San Diego woman is being charged with first degree murder after she intentionally used the facetime glitch to call her boyfriend and discovered him cheating and drove to his home and killed him.

Apple’s ios 12 facetime glitch is a serious one. It allows someone to facetime call anybody and forcedly make their phone answer your call without them actually pressing the answer button, allowing anybody who calls you to potentially listen in on what you’re saying or doing without you even knowing, and that’s exactly what happened in this case.

Andrea Matthews, 25, is currently facing murder charges after discovering her boyfriend having sex during the facetime glitch call, at which point she drove to his house and shot him dead while still during intercourse. She reportedly thanked Apple upon being arrested: “Thank you Apple developers, you really had my back”. Apple developers are warning iphone owners to not make the glitched call to their significant other as they might catch them cheating. “We want to let people cheat in peace” said Apple developer James Froyle, “which is why we’re doing our best to patch this glitch.

It is being advised to have your phone off at all times, leave it home, or throw your phone around numerous times to damage the internal microphone and completely disallowing anybody from listening in on your conversations or cheating sessions.

Written by David Martinez

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