Woman Accuses Indian Man Of Rape After He Waved At Her On Facebook Messenger

USA – A woman has sued a man because he was “waving too much” at her, local authorities reported. 21-year old Maria Smith has sued the 36-year old Dinesh Laghari because he was harassing her too much on the Messenger application. The man was sued for the sum of 350 thousand US dollars for rape and harassment and is expected to defend himself in court.

“Some friends told me that I should simply block him, because he was asking constantly asking for ‘bobs’ and ‘vagana’ and waving at me”, said Maria, very angry, to our reporter Gary Cockburn who was in the area. She kept complaining: “I told him to stop but he wouldn’t stop, so it was basically like rape”, she concluded.

During the process of suing him, she was asked for a copy of the conversation they had. According to her, “that’s why I never blocked or deleted him. Because I needed this evidence for my case”.

Dinesh has said that he thinks this is unfair and he’s going to fight against her: (reads with indian accent) “I was just trying to be nice with her and this is the way she treats me back. Why is it so hard to open skirt?”.

Maria even told us to ask ourselves: “who waves at other people on Messenger anyway?”.

[Via: 8shit]