White Girl Who Said N-Word At Kendrick Lamar’s Concert Beat By Group Of Black Students At School

ALABAMA – Days after Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Hangout Festival in Alabama in which a white girl, identified as “Delaney”, was booed off stage for singing the n-word, it is being reported that Delaney was beat by a group of students at her high school in Gulf Shores.

According to authories at the school, Delaney was beat by a group of around 8 black students. Authorities are also speculating the beating had something to do with Delaney saying the n-word on stage with Kendrick Lamar.

“She should’ve never said the n*gga” said one of Delaney’s teacher who is also black, “she asked for it”. Delaney was taken to a nearby ER room where she is being treated in serious condition. According to nurses, Delaney has multiple broken bones. It is unsure how long Delaney will stay in the hospital.

The 8 students who jumped Delaney were later successfully identified with the help of security cameras, however they were shortly pardoned by the school principle and police because they said Delaney “kinda deserved it”.

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Written by David Martinez

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