[Video] When QVC Aired This They Were Flooded With Thousands Of Angry Calls

QVC has recently come under a bit of fire after uploading what should have been a very standard infomercial for women’s underwear to YouTube.

The outfits themselves actually very covering, but that doesn’t ever have to stop the internet from finding a way to make something out of nothing.

Around 960,000 people called in to QVC for a multitude of reasons ranging from the perverse and ultimately to those that were offended. As you’ll see in the video, models Sammi Marsh and Deborah Ann Gaetano were simply showing off the clothing, but unfortunately it was a little chilly in the studio and the outfits displayed little nipple protrusions. Instead of understanding that not everything has to be sexualized people decided that was about as bad as if Armageddon was nigh. I worry about the state of the world sometimes…