Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks High off Marijuana During Super Bowl

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EAST RUTHERFORD – Whole Denver Broncos team and some Seattle Seahawks players have been discovered to have been high off marijuana the whole duration of the game. After officials became suspicious of both team rigging the game, the NFL went into a deep investigation and reportedly found pounds of marijuana in the Broncos locker room and Seahawks locker room. All players were tested as soon as possible and were discovered to have THC(main psychoactive constituent in marijuana) in every single player of the Broncos system, even the coach, and only a couple of Seahawks players failed the drug test as well. Drug control officers say they tested the players for drug use prior to the game. Drug control officer Eduardo Sanchez says “They must’ve been getting blazed in the locker room right before the game”.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke to the public and said “Out of all teams I wouldn’t be surprised for the Broncos to do something like that now that marijuana is legal in Colorado and Washington, they had no problem getting the marijuana in Denver and Seattle before heading out here to New Jersey for the Super Bowl.”

Officials think the whole team decided to smoke for fun because they already decided they were going to lose intentionally as part of the deal with the Seahawks(click here to read about the Super Bowl being rigged). The NFL is currently still investigating the scandalous situation. it is also believed that Richard Sherman has been high off ‘Molly’ for his last 5 games.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes