Two men seriously injured after Rick Ross Attempts Crowd Surfing During Concert!


Two 19-year-old men suffered serious injuries during Rick Ross’s concert at Surrender Nightclub in Vegas last Saturday, police and witnesses said.

According to eye witnesses, Rick Ross leaped from the stage, attempting to crowd surf over everyone’s head, but the crowd surged away, leaving the two young men directly in line with the tubby lard-arse.

“As Ross crashed down into the crowd, people started running, but two guys didn’t escape in time and got crushed. It was more of a crowd tsunami”, said one horrified concertgoer.

Mike Willow, one of the two victims, suffered from two broken ribs while Kashawn Bradley was rushed to the nearest hospital for a punctured lung, authorities told us. Psychologists were also called on scene to help nearby fans clearly in shock of what they had just witnessed.

“He knows his a*s is fat. What was he thinking jumping on us like that? My brother looks like a pancake now”, responded Bradley’s sister when asked if she was angry at the rap star for injuring her brother.

Authorities also told us that heavy winching equipment was also required to remove Ross off the boys.

“It could have been much worse”, said one of the staff member present at the time of the event. “Other people at the concert could have not been able to get out of the way and would of gotten crushed too.”

Ross’s rep had no comment on the event, while the rapper himself could not be reached.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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