Tupac Shakur secret performance for Illuminati (Bilderberg Group)


NETHERLANDS – Sources tell us on December 31st the Bilderberg Group flew Tupac into Oosterbeek, Netherlands for a special performance that lasted 4 hours Tupac Shakur was spotted leaving and entering the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands , If you’re asking yourself how is this possible if Tupac is dead? When you have the type of money the %1 have anything is a possible.

While many people believe the Illuminati consist of big names in the hip hop industry like Jay-Z , Lil Wayne, And Kanye West if you take a moment to think about it you’ll realize the conspiracy of big name artist in the Illuminati makes no sense, The real Illuminati are members of the well know Bilderberg Group, These people are the 1% the people who own most of the worlds wealth the riches of the rich.



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