Top List of Celebrities Who Love Gambling

Most people are endlessly fascinated with the private and public lives of celebrities. That, of course, means that such people do not have many secrets left, as whatever they do quickly becomes news and is broadcasted around the world.

So, apart from partying all night, living the good life, and eating partridge every day, some celebrities have been known to gamble more than they should. Here are a few to name:

Garic Harlamov
This riotously funny comedian just underwent a messy breakup from his wife of many years. The said lady had many unsavoury tales to tell of the former love of her life, among which was that he once happened to lose over 5 million rubbles playing online poker of all things.

Tobey Maguire
Back in 2001, Tobey Maguire, the Spider Man himself got briefly locked up by the FBI for participating in banned bootleg gambling. He escaped jail time but was heavily fined. According to rumours, the chap won around $1 million from gambling every month or so.

Ben Affleck
The famous movie star is a gambling pro. Back in 2001, the media was awash with tales of him raking in $800,000 playing blackjack. Rumours also had it that he tipped the dealer a totally gargantuan $150,000. A few years later he also won $356,000 during a poker tournament and sometime after $25,000. He has also been seen discreetly participating in backstreet poker tournaments.

Victoria Bunya
This rather pretty lady stars in a popular Russian reality TV show and is a self-confessed gambling addict who gambles every possible minute via mobile apps.

Cameron Diaz
This skinny lady with legs that stretch to the moon and back loves to gamble and have an intimate chit-chat with Lady Luck. Ever the good girl she donates all her wins from casino games to non-profit charities and organizations.

Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio loves playing poker about as much as others like taking swigs of nectar. Rather than indulging his cravings in registered casinos, he preferred attending bootleg ones. One such establishment was raided, and he was detained.

Michael Jordan
His Royal Airness at one time battled with gambling addictions so severe that he was banned from sports competitions and ignominiously exiled to the minor league. He is reputed to be capable of dropping the equivalent of the GDP of most African countries on the gaming table and shortly after winning it back.

Matthew Perry
This guy happens to be a good actor and a better poker player. He is indeed so good that the Bellagio Casino in Sin City made him an honoured guest.

George Clooney
The actor starred in the blockbuster “Ocean’s 11” and the gambling action featured therein got him addicted. Soon after, he got his very own casino, only this was exclusively aimed at the wealthy and without a healthy number of zeroes in your bank account you couldn’t step inside

Queen Elizabeth
This lovely old lady leads much of the free world and serves as a source of much-needed inspiration for people all over the world. She loves to have fun and gamble too and is reputed to have a soft spot for roulette and slots.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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