Top 5 People We Wish Were Dissolved By Thanos

Most of us have seen Marvel Avengers: Infinity War already, but even if you haven’t, there’s probably a good chance you’ve seen the “disappearing memes” memes people have been posting. If you don’t understand the disappearing pics yet then go Watch the film first! Here’s 5 people who we wish dissolved

1) Lil Tay

Probably the most annoying little girl you will ever encounter in your life, that being even if you are fortunate enough to never meet in person. Lil Tay is… we actually don’t even know who she is or where she came from, but you can find videos of here everywhere calling you “broke” and a “hater”. Apparently nobody even knows who her parents are, but they are most likely rich.

2) Russ

There are 2 reasons why you know Russ,either for his music or because everybody hates him. Why is he so hated in the hip-hop community? Russ has a long history of dissing drug-referencing rappers, and perhaps even Lil Peep after he died of a xanax overdose, many hated Russ for disrespecting a young dead rapper. BUT, that’s not only why he’s on this list, aside from being corny, Russ is extremely arrogant and you can easily tell by his interviews and tweets, go check them out if you feel like hating someone new.

3) Mark ZUCCerberg

Deleting meme pages since one can remember. Mark has the reputation of an evil CEO among large facebook and instagram page owners for the ridiculous and confusing guidelines both sites share, although many deleted pages do in fact violate the terms, many don’t, and page owners are left confused and angry. Oh wait, let’s not forget the whole facebook privacy scandal either!

4) Donald Trump

The man himself, Donald Trump. Hated by almost everybody, except his republican supporters of course. What can we say? Trump really does not care what people think of him. From Mexico’s wall, muslim ban, sexist sandals, to anti-gay remarks, Trump has pretty much said offense possible. Please do us this favor Thanos.

5) Kanye West

Normally Kanye isn’t hated at all, but lately Mr. West has gone to waste with his fans after he revealed via twitter he supported Trump. But wait, there’s more! Kanye even showed up to TMZ to tell the world he thinks slavery was a choice, which was even worse than the former. Not-so-wise words Kanye, not-so-wise at all.

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Written by David Martinez

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