Tinder Announces It Will Soon Make Users State Details Such As Weight, Height, Penis Size, etc.

Dating social network giant Tinder has announced that they are currently testing out a new and improved “about” section that will oblige its users to share details about them such as weight, height, penis size, boob size, “body count”, etc.

According to Tinder developers, the detailed personal information will prevent users from being “catfished”. “We’ve all met someone online who looks fine and when you meet them in person you’re all like “who the f*ck are you?’”, says app developer Will Phillips. Tinder is apparently not taking “catfishing” lightly and is determined to stop it.

“Some females be hiding a whole extra 100 pounds in their pics” says Jason Giggs, a Tinder user who claims to have been catfished over 10 time “and i’m not trying to get with a girl who’s f*cked over 30 guys so that body count option would come in clutch”. Tinder also plans to include a new search preference option that will allow users to choose preferences like certain penis size, or a certain weight they prefer. Tinder is expecting to implement the new upgrade early 2019.

Written by David Martinez