Terrio Hospitalized After Fainting From Eating Too Much Halloween Candy (Read Details)

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ATLANTA – Vine star Terrio was reportedly taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta after apparently going unconscious after eating “too much” Halloween candy earlier this afternoon.

The internet sensation, who is frequently teased about his weight, collapsed this afternoon and was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital and admitted into the emergency room by his friends who witnessed Terrii eat “tons of candy” and collapse.

According to a friend of Terrio’s—”That boy was stuffing them Snickers, Reeses, and Skittles with no chill, I told him, “aye Terrio chill bro”, and he replied “boy you better shut the f*ck up before I eat you too”, So i didn’t say nothing after that cause i know he capable of doing it, then, like an hour after, he just just dropped face first and slightly cracked his marble floor, so we took him to the ER”.

Terrio is currently being treated in critical condition. Nurses say the vine star fainted as a result of way too much sugar in his system. It is estimated that Terrio consumed about 67 wrapped candies prior to fainting. We will update you on Terrio’s condition soon. Tweet “#PrayForTerrio” on twitter to show your condolences!


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes