Tekashi69’s 15 Year-Old Boyfriend Told Officers Where The Firearms Were Hidden During Raid

6ix9ine makes the headlines once again. The FBI raided the rapper’s Brooklyn home and discovered a gun during their search. His boyfriend Marcos Santos who is 15 years old showed officers exactly where 69 kept his firearms.

It is currently unclear what prompted the raid, which was assisted by the New York Police Department, but the “BeBe” rapper was not present during the search.

Sources close to the rapper tell the site that 6ix is currently in the process of moving out of the BK brownstone and hasn’t been there for weeks while he’s been on the road touring. Movers and cleaners have been in and out of the property preparing for his relocation. Meanwhile his boyfriend has moved back to his mother home and has refused to speak to the media.

6ix has other legal issues on his hands, including possibly going back to jail for violating his probation in his 2015 sexual misconduct case by getting into an altercation in Houston and being arrested in New York earlier this year.

The rapper recently wrote a letter to the judge who is deciding over his case and requested that he should receive four years of probation and be required to attend a youthful offenders program instead of being sent to jail. A Manhattan District Attorney suggested the New York rhymer serve between one to three years behind bars.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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