Saturday, February 22, 2020

Florida Woman Shoplifts Bomb Ingredients At Walmart, Tries To Blow Up The Walmart

NYDAILYNEWS Reports; A Florida woman accompanied by a child trolled the aisles of a Tampa Walmart, constructing a bomb as she went, and tried...


Tekashi 6ix9ine Reportedly Reveals Identity of Infamous Zodiac Killer To Judge As Bonus

NEW YORK – Daniel Hernandez, known by his stage name ‘Tekashi 6ix9ine’, testified against his former gang the “Nine Trey Bloods”. Daniel reportedly testified against numerous fellow gang members including rappers Jim Jones and Cardi B. However, it is also being reported that Daniel allegedly testified against the infamous Zodiac Killer to reduce his sentence even further than planned. Daniel identified the zodiac killer him as “Lawrence Gill” of Vallejo, California.

“The Zodiac Killer” is the name given to an unidentified serial killer who was active during the 1960s and 1970s in Northern California, allegedly committing murders in numerous cities including San Francisco, Vallejo, Benicia, and Lake Berryessa. The Zodiac Killer has remained one of the biggest criminal mysterious in modern history with the killer never caught or identified. According to authorities, Daniel identified The Zodiac Killer by name, as well as the city in which he hailed from.

According to authorities, Daniel’s claims to the Zodiac Killers identity don’t give much hope, as they say it is unlikely that Daniel would have any knowledge on the killers identity, but that it was worth keeping in mind, considering how compliant Daniel has been with authorities since being arrested. “I need to get out here asap” Daniel to the judge, “i’m not STOOPID” he then shouted. “It’s nice to have a snitch”, said the judge overseeing the case, “It’s not that common”.

Although unlikely, if Daniel’s claim to the zodiac killers identity is true, Daniel can have all charges dropped and even rewarded in free tattoos and marijuana, as well as citizenship for his parents for helping solve such a high profile case.



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