Teen Sues Juul; Claims Vaping Made Him Homosexual

Jerry Hitcherfield, 17, is accusing lead e-cigarette maker Juul of marketing to young straight men. He claims vaping made him into a homosexual.

Hitcherfield who now lives with his boyfriend, says he never experienced any homosexual thoughts until he started vaping. He claims the vaping community, also known as the LGBTQ, helped him come out to his family. “It wasn’t easy, but I had to tell my family my I’m a vaping homosexual,” said Hitcherfield.

He tells our reporters that his experienced backlash and his parents blamed themselves for his new sexual preferences. He couldn’t explain how this all happened, and after a few google searches, he found the cause of his homosexuality. It was all pointing to vaping.

In 2017 medical professionals from Huzlers did a study on vaping and concluded that vaping was amongst one of the leading causes of homosexuality.

Huzlers sent fake news organizations Fox News, CNN, and ABC, this same study warning people about the dangers of vaping. Unfortunately, the study was never published.



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