Teen In California Who Posted Dead "Alien" Outside Her House On Facebook Was Found Dead The Next Day


San Jose, CA – Gianna Peponis who posted photos of what appears to be of alien life form outside her house was found dead in her room. Her body was discovered by her mother Alejandra Peponis who immediately called the San Jose police department.

Alejandra Peponis told KXTB News after calling the San Jose police department minutes later SJPD showed up with another group of men who appeared to be working with the government, She says they were wearing black suits and had taken Gianna Peponis laptop for no apparent reason. Alejandra Peponis claims someone has been using her daughters facebook account.

She claims whoever is using her facebook account is pretending to be her. Investigators told Alejandra Peponis it appeared the cause of her daughter Gianna Peponis death was due to an accidental suicide but Alejandra Peponis claims her daughter had no prescription medication and to her knowledge not abusing drugs of any sort she demanded a further investigation but was just ignored by investigators at the scene.

When KXTB asked Alejandra Peponis about the photos her daughter posted online Alejandra Peponis claims she knew nothing about them but also claims to have heard a loud screaming the night her daughter was outside taking the photos that have since gone viral online.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes