Light Skinned Teen Commits Suicide After Learning Drake Does Not Write His Own Rap Lyrics

TORONTO – It is being reported that a Toronto teenager named Shane Elroy, age 19, has committed suicide after learning that Drake does not write his own rap lyrics.

Shane Elroy, described as a “die hard” Drake fan by close family and friends, was found hanged in his closet bedroom Thursday Afternoon, the reason for suicide being the simple reason that rapper Drake does not write his own lyrics.

After rapper Meek Mill blasted Drake on Twitter via series of tweets, accusing Drake of not writing his own rap lyrics, The Internet lit up with people expressing their opinions, memes, and jokes. The whole situation being rather funny to many, but not everyone, especially Shane.

Authorities found a good amount of evidence at the suicide scene, which led them to believe the reason for suicide was Drake’s inability to write his own rap lyrics. Evidence included “How could you do this Drake” written with Graffiti all over Shane’s bedroom walls, a hand-written note on a desk which was addressed to Drake reading:

“If Drake wasn’t running through the six with his woes, then who was? I guess I will never find out because I’m leaving this earth today, goodbye everyone”.

“I can’t believe this” says Zayn Parker, a close friend of Shane “I knew he was a lightskin, but I would’ve never thought this would ever happen, Nothing will be the same ever again” finished Parker. Authorities are warning lightskins all over the world to not take the Twitter beef serious.

Shane’s funeral will be held Saturday night and will be only open to close family and friends. For more future news, subscribe to


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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