Teen Arrested For Stealing Monster Energy Drinks And Punching Holes In Drywall

Florida has a new sheriff in town and he’s pissed off at his mom. Hide your drywall, hide your Monsters because Kyle is causing property damage all across Florida state.

Jacksonville, a Florida teen is in custody after he was caught stealing energy drinks and punching holes in the drywall at a local Home Depot. “Oh yeah, this kid was dummy pissed at his mom”, said an employee present during the incident. “I guess his mom was on the phone with this dudes step dad trying to understand what the dad needed and Kyle started getting mad because he knew what it was but his mom didn’t want to get it and be wrong so he was losing it.”

By this time the teen had pocketed the Monster’s, Loss Prevention had already spotted the cans in Kyle’s JNCO Jeans and the cops were on their way. The officers walked up on scene and witnessed him visibly standing up drywall and penetrating the remodeling material.

“His Monster energy hat actually fell off he was punching so hard.” The responding officer noted. “He was pissed at his mom and step dad, threatened to move in with his underage girlfriend and get her name tattooed on his neck. We were cringing so hard xd.”

Kyle spent the night in jail but landed back in jail that following weekend after he punched the drywall in his mom’s house because his girlfriend went to go to her sophomore dance and his mom refused to drive him up there.

[Via: Woke News]


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