Taco Ban: President Trump Pushing For The Ban Of Mexican Food In The U.S.

WASHINGTON DC – Months after Trump’s “Muslim ban”, prohibiting the travel from a list of middle eastern and African countries that pose a threat to the U.S, It is being reported that Trump is also pushing towards a “Taco ban”.


Trump’s hatred for illegal immigrants is no secret, specifically Mexicans. Promising to soon have a wall built on the US/Mexico border to keep illegals out. But nobody ever thought Trump’s hatred for Mexicans to ever reach these heights. However, a “Taco ban” wouldn’t be an accurate term for the proposed ban, as Trump is pushing to have most mexican dishes and products to be banned from America, which includes: tacos, tortas, tostadas, quesadillas, horchata, etc. However, according to Trump’s team, tequila is still being intensely debated.

Although later admitting that he is somewhat a fan of the elote man, Trump told the press: “We have to get rid of all the Mexican food. If we want to make America great again, we have to earn the respect we once had. Mexico takes us as a joke because they know we[Americans] love Mexican food, and think we can’t live without Mexican culture, but it’s my job as the president to show them we can, we have to make America great again. We want nothing to do with Mexico. If all the Mexican food is gone, Mexicans will start leaving as well”.

Although many Trump supporters are most likely slowly becoming aware that their president is indeed suffering from some sort of yet to be diagnosed mental disorder, experts believe they will still continue to agree and follow with any of his actions. After recently failing to repeal and replace Obamacare, experts believe Trump felt he had to ban something to feel he was in control again, thus leading to the Taco Ban proposal.

According to Trump, he will issue an executive order for the “Taco ban” in April, as he also did with the Muslim Ban. Stay tuned for updates on the “taco ban” and President Trump.


Written by David Martinez