Supporters of #TeamYanny Urged to Seek Counseling Immediately

Have you experienced periods of intense sadness or emptiness? An auditory social media experiment explores what these feelings could mean. The Yanny vs. Laurel debate has gone viral and everyone on the internet is taking sides, even celebrities.

But what you may be surprised to discover is that what you hear says a lot about your mental health. In a study conducted at John Hopkins University, researchers found that people who hear “Yanny” are more likely to suffer from Major Depressive Disorder.

Depression affects millions of Americans, but can be hard to pin down at times. Researchers are hopeful that auditory psychological tests, like Yanny vs. Laurel, might be a convenient, effective tool in the psychiatric world in the future.

Ellen DeGeneres, who is Team #Yanny, might have discovered her predisposition to depression sooner if this technology had been around. “Yanny vs. Laurel could do what Rorschach tests did, only better,” states Benjamin Feinstein, a research psychologist at Georgetown. “Our dream is that one day, people will be able to put on a pair of headphones and come out with an accurate mental health diagnosis within ten minutes. As easy as capturing a polaroid picture, but without all the shaking. For the millennial who has become accustomed to instant gratification, this is psychiatry’s answer to fast-food.”

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