Soulja Boy To Change Stage Name to "Offisir Boy" And Tattooed It On His Face *SEE TATTOO HERE*


LOS ANGELES – American Rapper Soulja Boy has just announced his decision to change his stage name to “Offisir Boy”, which is he himself described as “a combination of the word ‘officer’ and ‘sir’.” Soulja Boy has also announced that he will release his next studio album under “Offisir Boy”. On top of that, Soulja Boy has also tattooed “Offisir Boy” on the right side of his face, even before he actually changed his name.

Reporters asked Soulja Boy why he had decided to change his name and why did he choose “Offisir Boy and his tattoo decision as well.”Soulja Boy responded with “I’m done with this Soulja name, I feel like I need to put all that behind me and start a new chapter in my life and music career, what better way to start fresh than changing your name? and Offisir Boy sounds perfect to be, I deserve to be called “sir” and I have the authority of an officer in this music world. And for my tat? just to make it official, you know?”.

When will Soulja Boy officially change his stage name? Soulja Boy’s manager says it will be changed as early as next week. What do you think of Soulja Boy’s new stage name? Tweet your opinion with ‘#OffisirBoy’.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes