Someone In South Dallas Was Giving Kids Xanax As Halloween Candy

DALLAS, TEXAS – A disturbing discovery in Dallas police confirmed that Xanax was found in the bags of Halloween candy.

Many children had been out trick-or-treating Tuesday night in the South Dallas area. Afterward, a parent found a suspicious item in their kid’s bag – a small pill, which turned out to be Xanax.

Police asked parents to dispose of the bags of candy that were collected in South Dallas during the trick-or-treating.

“One of the parents had found that a variety of pills in her sons candy bag” said Tom hedgins, The leading detective who is trying to figure out who exactly committed this crime. “The parent then called Dallas Police. They confirmed that the pills were indeed Xanax and Hydrocodone.”

Police are asking parents to call authorities if they find anything suspicious in their bags.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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