Singer The Weeknd Reportedly Still A Virgin (Read Details)

 LOS ANGELES – The Weeknd, famous for his recent hit singles “Earned It”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, and “The Hills”. It’s not a secret that the Weeknd apparently loves sex, considering that’s basically the only thing he talks about in his music… or does he really enjoy sex as much as you think he does? New reports are confirming that, ironically, the Weeknd is actually still a virgin.

It’s no secret that The Weeknd’s music is pretty sexually explicit. If you’ve heard any Weeknd track before, chances are he mentioned detailed sexual activity, and you probably thought to yourself: “Damn, this guy must get laid all day, everyday”. Well you my friend, might be surprised to find out the Weeknd is a virgin.

According to a close friend of the Weeknd, who chose to remain anonymous, “Abel(The Weeknd) is actually virgin, he is just super shy around females. we make fun of him all the time for it. He makes sexual music just for the hell of it… it sells. I love him to death though” said the friend as he began to laugh. Besides being a virgin, The Weeknd is also extremely timid around the ladies. “He’s the type of guy who talks about sex all the time and asks “where the hoes at?!” But when they come, he be super quiet” said another friend of the Weeknd.

Well, know that we know The Weeknd is a virgin, We don’t think we can ever take the Weeknd serious again. Can someone please have sex with the Weeknd already? Geez, for the sake of his own music.

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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes