Singer The Weeknd Admits He Has No Nipples


TORONTO – Toronto singer ‘The Weeknd’, real name Abel Tesfaye, made a shocking confession to reporters Monday afternoon. The Weeknd confessed that he did not have any nipples, hence, why you have never seen him without a shirt, and most likely will never see him without a shirt in the future.

Weeknd fans and even non-Weeknd fans have long asked themselves why they haven’t seen Abel without a shirt, or even in he media. The Weeknd is known for being usually on his own, without much media attention, of course because he chooses not to have it. 

The Weeknd made the shocking confession to reporters saying “I don’t have nipples, plain and simple, I’m not embarrassed. Why would I be embarrassed for something I have no control over? I was just born that way, just like how some people are born with small d*cks. You learn to accept yourself” said Abel. 

Abel also told HUZLERS reporters that as a child in school, during swimming classes, students use to tease him for having no nipples, and that he would cry a lot of the times. Surely, Abel feels more confident about himself now as he learned to accept himself. However, we would still love to see some photos, maybe one day.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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