Scientist Have Confirmed Women Who Say “New Year New Me” Will Still Be Thots In 2019

Scientists have finally confirmed that women who use the popular end of the year phrase “New Year New Me”, in fact, will remain to be thots in 2019 and possibly forever. They have confirmed it’s genetic.

Researchers firmly believe the number of thots will increase due to “public figures” on Instagram and other social media platforms. We asked scientist Richard Jackson what about Public Figures and models on Instagram and he said “Public Figures? really lets just call it what it is Thotism” — he continued be saying this thot problem is irreversible because “Once a thot always a thot”.

Now that scientist have confirmed that a thot will always be a thot what is next? Its like they say “Once a thot, always a thot, you can’t change your thot ways, thot ways, always.”


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