Schools To Now Offer 'Netflix N Chill' Classes To Help Students Succeed Sexually

The Department of education in the United States has announced that high schools and universities will now be offering a new class called ‘Netflix N Chill’. The class, which is totally optional, will be available for selection beginning the 2015-2016 Fall semester in the United States.

The classes will be teaching students how to effectively use the ‘Netflix N Chill’ strategy on sexual interests. The class will be helping students get ready for their adult life by being sexually active, at their own will. “The class is game-changing” says Marcus Robinson, a teacher at the University of Chicago who will be teaching a ‘Netflix N Chill’ class, “We want students’ Netflix N Chill game to be strong like mine and every other teacher who will teach Netflix N Chill. I have been effectively using the Netflix N Chill strategy since the start of Netflix streaming in 2007. It has not failed me, ever.” finished Robinson.
Described as not only an excuse to “chill” with a sexual interest when there’s nothing else to do. The classes will focus on teaching students the sacred art of Netflix N Chill, so that “you are guaranteed to have her s*cking your c*ck thirty minutes into the movie”. Will you be taking the Netflix N Chill classes this upcoming semester? We highly suggest you do!


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