Roseanne Adopts 3 Year Old African Kid To Prove She’s Not Racist

HAWAII – Days after ABC cancelled Roseanne Barr’s sitcom Roseanne for her controversial tweets where she called Valerie Jarrett an “ape”, it’s being reported that Roseanne has adopted a 3 year old african boy to prove she “isn’t racist”.

Roseanne has adopted a 3 year old african boy named Eyob Tafawa. Roseanne told reporters “See, i’m not racist, i just adopted this little black boy named Latrell”, although the boys name is actually Eyob. Roseanne told reporters she will do anything to prove she isn’t racist, including moving into any cities’ housing projects.

ABC has not yet responded to Roseanne’s new adoption. Stay tuned to for more future news and updates.

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