Rick Ross In Emergency Room After Eating "Too Many Pears"; Suffers Stomach Rupture *READ MORE*

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MIAMI – It is being reported that Rapper Rick Ross was admitted into the emergency room monday morning and being treated in critical condition after he allegedly passed out from eating “too many pears”. The rapper allegedly ate 18 pears before collapsing in his Miami home.

“It was intense” says fellow rapper friend Meek Mill, who was visiting Rick Ross right around the time he collapsed, “thats boy had a box full of pears. He ate like ten before I told him “aye bro chill with pears”, then he told me “nigga tell me some other sh*t and I’ll drop you from MMG”, so I just shut up and he ate like six more before he finally fainted”. Nurses are stating that Rick Ross fainted as a result of his stomach being ruptured from too many pears. Most cases of rupture seem to occur when a person has attempted to stuff their stomach with about five liters of food or fluid,” according to NBC News. These people may have a history of disordered eating and have become accustomed to their stomach muscles stretching beyond their normal limits. Their brains also ignore signals telling them to stop eating.

Rick Ross seems to have ignored his brains’ signals to stop eating pears before rupturing his stomach and collapsing of the intense pain and damage. Rick Ross has been prohibited from eating pears for the next month due to high amounts of fiber and sugar in his body. Tweet “#PrayForRickRoss” on Twitter to show your support. Visit huzlers.mystagingwebsite.com daily for more news.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

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