President Barack Obama Invites Orlando Brown To White House Dinner

WASHINGTON DC – The past few weeks have been wild for ex-Disney star Orlando Brown, who starred in ‘That’s So Raven’ as Eddie Thomas. From interviews in which he is shown describing the sexual history between him and Raven in the past, while appearing to be having epileptic episodes, to a recent video of him standing on a ledge that collapsed. Apparently, president Barack Obama has found Orlando Browns predicaments very amusing, and decided to invite Brown to the white house for dinner and a comedy act.

“My kids loved That’s so Raven”, said President Obama, “I remember watching it a few times as well, he’s a very funny guy. Joe[Biden] is also a very big fan of Orlando. We love the part where he said he gave Raven the ‘du wop up bu yeahhyy yay’. We also could not stop laughing at the video where he fell off the ledge, very humorous and talented young man. As long as he promises not to give Michelle any of that duwubopdedop” finished Obama.

Orlando Brown, approached by reporters for a reaction on Obamas invite, told reporters: “Yeah we in that b*tch”, and walked away while simultaneously singing off-key. What can we expect from Orlando Browns visit to the White House? According to reports, the dinner will be held on December 26 on a Monday.


Written by David Martinez


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