Popular TV Series “Beyond Scared Straight” Allowed Inmates To Rape Teenager


‘Beyond Scared Straight’ is a series in which many Young offenders are gathered and sent to a real prison where they to interact with the real inmates of the prison in hopes to be scared into avoiding a life of crime. Many of the teens are yelled at, taunted, and sometimes even touched by the inmates. But of course, there are always authorities present to regulate. However, it appears as though the show has taken it too far by allowing the inmates to actually rape one of the teenagers in a shocking effort to “scare him straight”.

18 year old Donovan Green was reportedly raped by 3 inmates all while authorities watched them. The authorities allowed the inmates to rape Green while they “cheered” on the inmates yelling phrases like “you gonna learn today boy”. “He had to go through it to learn, it was the right thing to do” says Officer David Lupo, who was present during the rape.

Although appearing to be a horrific deed, 18 year old Donovan Green, who was brought to the prison for gang related violence and selling drugs, actually appeared to have been scared beyond straight. Since, Green has left his gang and has changed a whole lot. Green unexpectedly cooked breakfast for his whole family in the morning. He also began pulling his pants up and dressing properly, as well as carrying a bible everywhere he went.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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