Popeyes Ranked As America’s Most Dangerous Workplace According To Studies; Wages Set To Be Increased To $20 an Hour Minimum

UNITED STATES – Popeyes’ crispy chicken sandwich is back in stores, and it has not disappointed once again. Popeyes chicken sandwich sales are performing so well that Popeyes is ranked the new most dangerous workplace, studies say, even surpassing jobs such as those in the logging industry, fishing industry, & electric power-line workers.

New studies rank working for Popeyes as America’s new most dangerous job. With 1 in 3 Popeyes workers nationwide admitting to being verbally and even physically abused by customers since the new Chicken Sandwich hit stores nationwide.

The workplace is so demanding and dangerous that Popeyes has ordered all franchise owners to pay workers a minimum of $20 an hour. “That shit like war,” said Jaquan Johnson, a Popeyes employee on Chicago’s south side, “Its safer out in the hood than here, I got my shit on me all the time,” he says as he shows interviewers the bulletproof vest and Glock 43 concealed under his work uniform.

Hundreds of Popeyes employees hospitalized due to work-related altercations with angry customers, and some employees to a specialized psychiatrist for counseling after working for Popeyes. Employees are expected to be well equipped for the workplace with the new $20 an hour minimum.


Written by David Martinez