Pope Francis Offers Meek Mill A Public Prayer For His Misery

 VATICAN CITY – It seems like things have been going bad for Meek Mill lately. First, Drake drops two tracks dissing Meek. Meek then replies with a diss track of his own, which everyone hates. Then WWE legend the Undertaker sues Meek for using his WWE theme song in his diss track. To top that off, Nicki Minaj dumps Meek Mill a few hours after that. But now, we inform you that Pope Francis has offered Meek Mill a public prayer for all of his troubles.

Pope Francis seems to be the only person left on this world who wants to help Meek Mill, not even Meek Mill’s fans are giving him a break. Pope Francis told Huzlers reporters “I can pray for his troubles if he wants me to on live Television, he really needs it right now because Drake, the Undertaker, Nicki Minaj, and everyone else is letting Meek have it, Lord forgive them and please have mercy on Meek Mill.” said Pope Francis. Pope Francis also tweeted out his concern for Meek Mill but later deleted the tweet, see tweet screenshot below:


Pope Francis is currently awaiting a response from Meek Mill for permission to pray for him on live television. What do you think? Should Meek Mill say yes or no? Tweet “#Huzlers” with your opinion on Twitter!

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