These Pictures From The Kids Of Drug Cartel Bosses Are Jut INSANE!

Drugs, cash, guns, cars, drugs, exotic animals, guns, Louis Vuitton guns, cars, guns, cars, drugs. The social media accounts of the kids of drug cartel bosses make for some pretty bizarre viewing. Not many teenagers get access to things like this. We certainly didn’t have a gold-plated AK or a cheetah growing up…

We all know that the money some of the big Mexican drug cartels make is just insane. But to actually see some of the CRAZY things they buy with that money? It’s pretty jaw dropping…

And this is just what the kids can get their hands on. Imagine what the actual cartel boys are doing. Insane!

That booty or tiger, we don’t know which is more impressive.

Drug Cartels


Don’t mess with this girl, okay?

Drug Cartels


Let’s hope he doesn’t get road rage.

Drug Cartels



Drug Cartels


“Do you take cash?”

Drug Cartels


Like father, like son. Kind of.

Drug Cartels


That’s a big garage…

Drug Cartels


“Jus’ chillin’ with ma’ AK and cheetah. What are you up to…?”

Drug Cartels


This is one intimidating Tinder profile pic…

Drug Cartels

Who says crime doesn’t pay, huh?!


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