Official Who Sent Hawaii Missile Alert Reportedly Hated Hawaiian Style Pizza

HAWAII – Hours after officials “accidentally” sent a missile threat alert to residents of Hawaii via cellphone notification Saturday morning, It has been revealed that one official is to blame for the alert, and that he reportedly did it because he hated hawaiian style Pizza—a pizza topped with pineapple.

Chaos in the streets of Hawaii, people seeking shelter amid the alleged missile threat scare. Videos have surfaced of people taking cover inside manholes and underground chambers. How could officials let this happen? Easily, because one official can’t stand the site of pineapple on pizza. “Hawaii has to go” said the official who sent the missile alert.

Officials have issued an apology for the false alarm. “We’re sorry to the people of Hawaii and the rest of the US. Hell, we’re even sorry to Kim Jong-Un for the alert. I don’t like hawaiian pizza either but not this much”, said Dwight Easton, an official also in charge of emergency alerts.

Authorities are reportedly further investigating the incident to ensure that it never happens again.

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Written by David Martinez

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