Obama Announces The Ban Of Pornography In The United States

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WASHINGTON D.C. – President Barack Obama has just announced the ban of pornography in the United States.

Under the new rules, Pornographic sites like XVideos and RedTube, and magazines like Play Boy and Hustler, as well as thousands more will be forced to shut down and or amend their content to show no nudity—only lingerie and undergarments. Obama and governemt officials argue pornography is making people “lazy”, in ways that they rather watch pornography than to actually get the real deal”. “By banning pornography, we are encouraging people to go out and have sexual intercourse; stop watching pornography, and if you’re socially unable to actually get some, we dont know what to tell you” says Illinois senator Mark Kirk.

Officials say watching pornography will now be illegal, as well as the production, possession, purchase, and sale of pornography. The consequences will vary for each felony but can be as high 30 years in prison. Being a multi-billion dollar industry, the ban of pornography will simultaneously cut thousands of pornographic actors’ jobs. Also, the Adult Video News(AVN) awards will be cancelled. A very controversial move by Obama and government officials, will this force the rise of a new prohibition-like era?  We’ll have to wait and see. Subsribe to Huzlers.com for daily and shocking news.


Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes