Nicki Minaj Splits With Meek Mill Because He Can't Stop Screaming; Meek Starting New Year With Another L

According to info from sources close to Nicki Minaj that gave this juicy gossip to MTO, the rapstress is now “casually dating” rap crooner Fetty Wap is what is being categorized as a “close relationship”.
According to one of the Pink Print star’s friends, “They’re working on projects together, and maybe more, but we’re not ready to call them “dating” or “in a relationship” yet,” the source clarifies. “Let’s see where [Fetty’s] head is at.”
Many have now been left to wonder, “Where does this leave Meek?” and why the sudden split? According to sources Nicki Minaj was tired of Meek Mill always screaming and conversations about his rollie (Rolex watch) got boring.
Looks like Meek Mill will be start his New Year with a huge L. Because he lost his trap queen to a pirate.
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Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online.

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