Nicki Minaj Breaks Up With Meek Mill Because He's Too Ugly Gets with Trey Songz

It looks like it’s Trey Day as Nicki Minaj has apparently called off her relationship with Meek Mill due to Mill’s inherent ugliness. Several papers have reported that Minaj has begun to see singer and tour mate Trey Songz who has been hitting the charts hard lately and apparently hitting Ms Minaj hard too. Unlike Meek, Songz has shown no signs of uncontrollable sweating or “weird eye.”
imageMinaj went on to say, “I just couldn’t do it anymore. The more and more I looked at Meek, I just couldn’t imagine waking up to that in the morning. People have to understand that when a Woman stares at her man its for two reasons. It’s either Damn he so Fine or how the hell did I end up with this ugly Mo***f*ker. I’m too sexy for that you know what I’m sayin? and why he always look like he gonna cry? Looking like Magilla Gorilla got food poisoning from the Panda Express.


I know Beyonce got with Jay-Z but that’s J Hova. Meek ain’t nowhere on that level. He ain’t even worth the sacrifice because I know something about sacrifices.” I had to get with Trey I can’t be with no ugly dude I mean look at my Ex? He was Sexy too I Just can’t deal with it no more.

Written by Pablo Reyes Jr

"Believe half of what you see and nothing you read online." - Pablo Reyes


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