New Study Shows Women Who Message Men First Live 20 Years Longer Than Women Who Don’t

CALIFORNIA – New studies conducted by researchers in California are showing that women who message men first, on average, live 20 years longer than women who do not.

According to researchers, women generally do not like to message first, but rather have men message them first in a more traditional way. However, researchers are now saying women should message men first if they wish to live longer.

“Women need to message first” says case researcher Edwin Dale, “It’s good for us men because we have it easier and it’s easier for you women because you live longer. I’m tired of never getting a reply back, it’s your turn now, women.” Researchers are also speculating that women who generally make the first move towards sex live about 20-30 years longer than women who don’t, however, researchers are still in the process of backing up that claim. That being said, will you begin to message men first? You should!

Written by David Martinez


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