New Study Shows Subway's Chicken Contains 50% Chicken And 50% Recycled Toilet Paper

The chicken in your Subway chicken sandwich might not contain very much chicken meat at all.
A recent study conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has found that the sandwich chain’s chicken meat contains about only about 50 percent chicken DNA — or about half as much as fresh chicken from a supermarket and the rest is recycled toilet paper.
The findings were part of a larger survey examining chicken items from several different fast food chains that operate in Canada, including Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons and A&W– but it was Subway’s results that were most surprising to researchers, Fox 5 San Diego reports.
In the tests, most of the meat from Subway’s competitors was shown to contain 85 to 90 percent chicken DNA, but Subway’s oven roasted chicken registered at just 53.6 percent. Its chicken strips scored even lower, containing just 42.8 percent chicken DNA. With this information the CBC decide to continue their study to find what subway has been using to substitute the remaining amount of what we think is “chicken” and the CBC was shocked when they tested the remaining material that matched the same structure as recycled toilet paper.
Subway has yet to comment on this study by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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