New Scientific Study Suggests Marijuana; Could Lead To Homosexuality

UNITED STATES – A scientific study by Dr. Dicken Mybutt suggests that not only does marijuana affect a person’s sexual experience but could lead to homosexuality. He claims his new study found that men who smoked marijuana were more likely to find other men attractive.

Dr. Dicken Mybutt began his study on marijuana use and its side effects after he lost his wallet and had no money to pay his drug dealer. His drug dealer made him a deal, and he found himself giving his drug dealer oral sex. Dr. Dicken Mybutt claims to be a heterosexual man and believes that marijuana played a significant role in his actions.

The study conducted at UTIG University used 50 heterosexual men who never smoked marijuana. Before smoking marijuana, the 50 men watched gay pronographic videos and photos to which they found discomforting. After two weeks, the men watched more gay videos and photos, and they showed no signs of discomfort.

He concluded that marijuana made men more comfortable with homosexual activity.


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