New Harvard Study Show People Who See "The Dress" Blue & Black Have A Smaller P*nis!


Cambridge, MA – It’s been two days since “the dress” emerged from Tumblr, with millions of people arguing whether or not the dress was black and blue or white and gold. The story of the dress has been covered by almost every major news channel and newspaper. Harvard scientists decided to get in on the action with a study to see the difference in the people that saw black and blue, and those who saw white and gold.

Harvard study reports show that people who see the dress as ‘black and blue’ had a smaller p*nis than those who saw the dress as ‘white and gold’. Harvard scientists decided to gather 100 people and asked them whether they thought the dress was ‘white and gold’ and ‘black and blue’. The tests showed that 36 of the 100 people saw the dress as ‘black and blue’.

Scientists then proceeded to test those individuals and realized that 33 out of the 36 people who saw black and blue, had an average penis size of 4.6 Inches, while the ones who saw white and gold averaged a penis size of 5.3 inches.

Harvard scientists decided to take the studies further and are currently trying to find other differences in the two groups.


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