NBA Dunk Contest Winner John Wall in Severe Condition After Fighting Terrence R. While Leaving Arena

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NEW ORLEANS – Chaos erupted after John Wall, of the Washington Wizards,  was crowned the NBA slam dunk champion. Reporters are saying John Wall and Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors got into a violent fist fight while leaving the Smoothie King Center. Sources are saying it all happened long after the camera’s stopped rolling. Terrence Ross, who lost yesterday night to John Wall in the NBA’s slam dunk contest, was said to have been extremely angry around the time all the players were leaving the arena and began to taunt John Wall saying “F*ck you n*gga, you aint sh*t!” John Wall then retaliated with running up to Ross’ face saying “Do something loser”. Ross then punched Wall in the face and the two began fighting, which later ended when Wall was knocked out cold.

NBA fan and witness Gerald Sharp explained what he saw, “Them two started arguing, then I seen Ross crack his a*s and then were boxing it out, like 30 seconds later Ross knocked him the f*ck out with a jab! I was like damn! Worldstar! you got knocked the f*ck out!” Witnesses say Wall was unconscious and making strange gestures while on the floor including that of shooting a jumpshot and “bopping”.

Medics were quickly called and Wall was taken to the nearest hospital. It is believed that Wall suffered severe brain damage other than being knocked unconscious. Wall will be forced to retire if Doctors conclude that he will be unable to recover to a normal mental state. Ross is currently in custody while the NBA and Police are investigating the situation.


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